Writing, Rejection, Revision: A Parable, Sort Of

I wrote a story and submitted it to a magazine.

It was rejected.

I took a look at it and changed a single line of dialogue in the ending.

I submitted it to a different magazine and it was accepted.

Things I will never know: Whether the first magazine would have accepted the story if I had changed that line before sending it to them. Whether the second magazine would have accepted the story if I had not changed the line.

Thing I do know: The story will be out in the spring.

Roundup: Interviews, New Short Stories

I feel like I’ve done a lot of talking over the past couple of months, mostly about The Comic Book Story of Baseball. If you care to listen to some of those conversations, here are links:

WBUR’s “Radio Boston,” with Anthony Brooks
Baseball by the Book,” with Justin McGuire
Beyond the Trope,” with Giles Hash (Tomm Coker’s on this one too!)

I also talked about life as a tie-in writer with Minister Faust, onĀ MF Galaxy. (Whose novels you should read.)

On the short fiction front, the new issue of Lightspeed Magazine contains a new story of mine, “The Atonement Path.” Also, if you missed it back at the end of May, my short story “Black Friday” is up at Tor.com.

And, as always, there’s more stuff cooking on the various creative fronts. Stay tuned…

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