9780345494337What is human life worth?

That’s the question at the center of Buyout, which sees a near future surveillance society in which prison inmates serving life without parole are given the option of instead taking a life-term buyout. They receive a portion of the money the prison corporation will spend to feed, clothe, and house them for the rest of their lives, to give to whoever they want, no strings attached…except the next day they will be executed.

It’s called the Golden Needle. Buyout follows Martin Kindred, a life-term buyout agent, as he navigates the swamp of corruption and competing interests that arise when each prison inmate is potentially worth millions of dollars. And then the stakes get that much higher when Martin finds out just how easy it is to frame someone in order to force them to take a buyout.

“This well-written, suspenseful and just slightly absurdist novel will appeal strongly to fans of classic dystopian science fiction with a smooth modern twist.” –Publishers Weekly

“Irvine expertly manages an atmosphere of pressure and political machination to complement the development of a discomfiting imagined future.” –Booklist

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The Narrows

9780345466983Jared Cleaves wants to be a soldier, but because of a childhood accident he’s stuck on the home front, putting in twelve-hour shifts on the assembly lines at Detroit’s River Rouge factory. Only he’s not building Jeeps or bombers.

He’s building golems to fight in Europe.

And German spies will do just about anything to find out

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One King, One Soldier


One King, One Soldier interweaves the stories of Lance Porter, a wounded Korean War veteran coming home to start a new life, and Arthur Rimbaud, one-time poet and now gunrunner in Ethiopia. What binds them together is the search for the Holy Grail.

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A Scattering of Jades

365473A Scattering of Jades was my first published novel, a story of Mesoamerican mythology, P.T. Barnum, slavery, and 19th century New York City.


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