Anthropocene Rag

In a future United States overrun and remade by the nanotech outbreak known as the Boom, emergent artificial intelligences try to understand their origins by endlessly recreating the stories of their creators. Assisted by a construct called Prospector Ed, six orphans in this shattered flux of reality, history, and myth are given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enter the legendary enclave known as Monument City…if they can find it.

“The kind of book R. A. Lafferty might write if he’d been an agnostic acidhead rather than a Catholic hard drinker.  But that Lafferty would be a shifting construct, of the kind of impossible mixed-up and unstable nanotech that populates Alex Irvine’s surreal reworking of American mythmaking from Paul Bunyan through Twain to Kerouac and beyond. And only Irvine would be able to write him.” — Brian Evenson

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“Somewhere between the hallucinatory worlds of Philip K. Dick and the alien exploration of human culture’s remains in Samuel R. Delany’s The Einstein Intersection (1967), Irvine’s latest is highly recommended to any reader interested in exploring the texture and feel of a strange new world.” — Booklist (starred review)

“Willy Wonka meets Huck Finn, Anthropocene Rag is a rare distillation of nanotech, apocalypse, and mythic Americana into a heady psychedelic brew.” — Jeffrey Ford

“An eclectic, kaleidoscopic view of a future United States … This wondrous, playful, but still weighty science fiction odyssey will appeal to Irvine’s fans and serve as an excellent introduction to his work.” — Publishers Weekly


Coming from Publishing March 31! More information at the publisher page.

Buy from your local bookstore! — or Powell’sAmazon, Books-a-Million, or Barnes and Noble

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