Free Reads

Collected here you’ll find links to online short stories that you can read free and for nothing. How can you beat that?

Black Friday — at

Glitch — at Asimov’s

Retroactive Anti-Terror — at

Pledge Day — at Lightspeed Magazine

The Dragon’s Hand — at Lightspeed Magazine

The Dream Curator — at Lightspeed Magazine

Wizard’s Six — At Clarkesworld, Originally published in F&SF

Seventh Fall — At Subterranean Online

One Hundred Sentences About the City of the Future: A Jeremiad — at Lightspeed Magazine

Eagleburger’s Lawn — At Subterranean Online

The Atonement Path — at Lightspeed Magazine

For Now It’s Eight O’Clock — at Strange Horizons

Agent Provocateur — at Strange Horizons

Rossetti Song — Part of a chapbook from Small Beer Press. Story originally published in F&SF — my first published story.




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