Freelancer’s Anxiety Formula

X is the optimal amount of time (expressed as hours per week) committed to pitching new projects.
Y is the amount of time committed to existing contracted projects.
A is time spent with family, friends, and daily household activities.
B is sleep.
Z is the amount of time reserved for projects of no current financial value, or Z is leisure, but it can only be one of those.

(A+B)/(X+Y) defines the Family Happiness Coefficient (FHC).
When FHC < 2, Z = 0.
There is an inverse correlation between Y and Z regardless of the values of A, B, X, and FHC.
X remains constant regardless of variance in values of A, B, Y, Z, and FHC.

Solve for X such that the sum of A, B, X, Y, and Z is equal to or less than 168 and FHC is greater than 2.

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