Places I Used to Write, and Sometimes Still Do

Thinking of all kinds of places I used to write, in loose and sometimes overlapping order…

  • Drake’s and Brown Jug and Monkey Bar and Amer’s and Espresso Royale and Continental Diner and Bill’s Coffee Cup (Ann Arbor)
  • Penny Lane and Trident and Aristocrat Diner and Sundown Saloon (Boulder)
  • Dom Bakeries and Mudd House and Ugly Mug (Ypsi)
  • Pat’s (Orono)
  • Stella’s and Cosmic Crossings and Pete’s and Mercury Cafe (Denver)
  • South St. Diner (Boston)
  • Ruski’s and JavaNet (Portland)
  • Atlas and Roebling Tea Room (Brooklyn)
  • Broken Cup and Yaffa and Cafe Pick Me Up (Manhattan)

I miss little things about each and every one of those places, the way they used to be when I worked there. Now it’s Coffee by Design and Hilltop in Portland. Dipping a toe into Local Sprouts. Also, of course, home.

I know I’m forgetting some place. An internal tour of your past is never really complete. Interesting to remember how I felt as a writer, where my horizons of expectation were, when I was spending time at each of those places.

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