New Story Up at Subterranean

My story “Eagleburger’s Lawn,” a comic meditation on weddings and our obsession with manicured grass, is now up at Subterranean. The issue also offers an interview by Joe Lansdale with two of his most famous fictional creations, Hap and Leonard. Check it out.

One response to “New Story Up at Subterranean”

  1. Geez, everybody is a freakin criminal. I don't know why you wrote that story. How about some poor silly ass who is thrown in the slammer for swatting a fucking fly? When I was a kid I had a neighbor who bought a security alarm for his car. I guess he was all paranoid that me and my friends were going to do something to his car. It offended me. I had no intentions of ever doing anything to him or his car or whatever. But he judged me unfairly. It pissed me off. So you know what I would do. I would throw little snow balls at his car to make the alarm go off in the middle of the night. Wake him up and he'd run out to see who was messing with his car. But he never caught me messing with his car like trying to vandalize it or steal something from it. All he would find was just a little bit of snow that would just melt away in the morning. But he sure did loose some sleep over that stupid alarm. Me I was up any way just tipping back forties so what the fuck.


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