Free Sample of Mystery Hill from PS

Over at PS Publishing, there are a host of free samples, including one from Mystery Hill (which is expanded from the version that appeared in F&SF last year). SF Signal has the list of the other available samples. I’m off to check them out.

And by the way, I’ve got another novella coming from PS sometime next year (I think). It’s called Mare Ultima, and is a substantial expansion of two stories from F&SF–“Wizard’s Six” and “Dragon’s Teeth” (the latter forthcoming).

One response to “Free Sample of Mystery Hill from PS”

  1. Ah yes PS Publishing. Can anyone say damage control and public relations? PS Publishing is a fake independent publishing house. You see you and yours are trying to stay friendly with the little guys by putting up front's that make the little guy believe that you are on their side. You have your PS Publishing for instance. How can they be independent when they have distribution deals with Penguin the second largest publishing distributer in the world? ANd what about Burtelsmann, those bastards who helped the nazis, made a profit from anti-Jewish propaganda, then they lied about it and hired some sell out historians to help them cover it up. Enough with this independent flim flam, your corporate man. But you got them all fooled. Well not all of em.


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