Farewell, Shaman Drum

Sad news that the Shaman Drum bookstore in Ann Arbor is going to close on June 30. I used to skulk around the store when it was upstairs from the (also now-vanished) Continental Diner, which was next to the original location of Borders. Wish I was going to get back to Ann Arbor before it closes. Good luck to Karl Pohrt with the Great Lakes Literary Arts Center.

And now I’m thinking of all the other places gone from the halcyon A2 of my youth: Schoolkids Records, Drake’s, Mickey Rat’s…the list goes on and on.

3 responses to “Farewell, Shaman Drum”

  1. Yeah, shits clsing down and fast too. Everybody I know's out of work. Most of them have too much pride to pump gas. You know times are tough and this is the thing man. That post you did yesterday about challenges to conteporary lit. or people trying to paid? Well hey I have nothing against people getting paid. If you work then you get paid. Even the Apostles get paid in the end. SHit. But this is it on a serious note. No fucking around either because I havn't even started drinking yet. But you know those shot glasses are lined up as I write this. I am a six shooter.This crazy interent like I was saying before making it so easy for motherfuckers to rip shit off to get it for free. That means people who put it out don't get paid. ANd you know people want to get paid. But listen to this. There are people out there who think its morally wrong to steal! Imagine that sit right? So these people pretty soon are going to be basically the only suckers still paying for shit. But here is the catch. Genrally these people adhere to other moral coeds as well. Like they won't buy pornographic or violent media that is offensive. So what's going to happen? Well, Either you change your game and start making media that caters to these kind of people or you don't get paid. Now that's ironic. Time to get funny.


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