If You’re Patient, Someone Will Say It for You

I was trying to figure out what to think about Bruce Sterling’s recent “Eighteen Challenges in Contemporary Literature,” and then Mark Sarvas came along with this:

Wired’s Bruce Sterling offers a list of Eighteen Challenges in Contemporary Literature, some of which are sensible, others of which – like this one – are, well … Step away from the computer, Bruce.

By “this one,” Sarvas means:

Algorithms and social media replacing work of editors and publishing houses …


3 responses to “If You’re Patient, Someone Will Say It for You”

  1. That's no challenge to contemporary literature. That's just a challenge to people trying to come up and get paid. If you want to write and make a book then be like Micheal Jordan and just do it. Na Mean?Geez Alex, don't you think we got enough to discouragement? We don't need this materialistic bullshit clouding our brains just let us put paper to pen and fuck the bullshit.


  2. Well I did find some of your books at wal-mart. But you know once you sign the dotted line they do what ever they want with your shit. You know that. But don't feel bad cause you got your pay day. And another thing I was just figuring in how much a University charges per credit hour to take a class, for out of staters it is about 800 bucks. BUYOUT, one word there, is about putting price on human life. That's not materialistic? But I don't hate you Alex. I know people have to make money. Shit I got bills to pay and I gotta have that cheese for the green leaf. What's that new song, how's it go? money doesn't grow on trees and there ain't no rest for the wicked. I'm no saint either man. Shit I see mother fuckers rollin with their shiny new camrys rapped tight around their shit and lettin that define them and you know I get distracted. That's the game since day one. But everyone who plays the game loses. Alex your just anota hustla like the rest of us but with a little more game. Na mean? But I'm out bro. Maybe I'll take your advice.


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