This NYT piece reminded me of a takeout place called Jerusalem in Denver, right by DU. We used to eat there all the time, and once a fellow grad student who shall remain nameless bet another grad student (a poet named Gautam Verma) that he couldn’t coat his tongue in Sriracha. Gautam did, about a quarter of an inch deep, laughing the whole time…and then this other student who shall remain nameless welshed on the bet. Anyway, go eat at Jerusalem and slather whatever you have with Sriracha.

My favorite bit in the whole article is this: “With the purchase of a nearby warehouse, the company has begun storing its peppers where Wham-O once manufactured those icons of pop culture, Frisbees and Hula-Hoops.”

And Gautam, hey, if you’re out there drop me a line.

(Yesterday the NYT had this cool piece on eclipse chasers.)

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