Barrelhouse, Smartish Pace, Pree, Baseball!

The Baltimore Barrelhouse/Smartish Pace hoedown was a blast. Thanks to Dan, Dave (even though he didn’t show up), Stefan, and the rest of those responsible. All of the readers were terrific (maybe even me), and the bands were cool, too. If you’re not listening to Pree already, give them a try. We bought their disc.

On the way down, we stopped at Camden Yards, where the Orioles went down to the Rays 8-6 and I continued my futile struggle to create good sports photography with a digital camera at a distance of 100 yards. Here’s one shot of Carlos Pena doubling to right. Yes, that is the ball streaking out of the frame.

Then it was off to DC where among other things we checked out the National Botanical Gardens…

…and the Library of Congress. What a palace.

Then back to Baltimore, where L lounged around at the light-rail stops…

…we observed a giant aluminum hermaphrodite…

…and the aforementioned hoedown took place at Cyclops, a former Family Dollar store now in the process of being turned into a cool bookstore/coffeehouse/place where literary hoedowns occur. If you haven’t been there, go; Andy is a cool guy and the enterprise is deserving of your enthusiastic support.

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