April, Cruelest Month, Etc.

The Tigers are 0-6, and people are already saying their season is doomed. Me, I’m an eternal optimist. So what if they hit into five double plays last night, or have left a thousand guys on base already? There’s always tomorrow.

For your reading enjoyment, I direct you to this fascinating discussion of my shortcomings as a writer in these comments to a previous post.

Reading: Michael Chabon, The Yiddish Policemen’s Union

4 responses to “April, Cruelest Month, Etc.”

  1. I don’t really feel qualified to discuss your shortcomings as a writer, but would it be all right if I started a thread regarding your shortcomings as a person? I mean, you are pretty much history’s greatest monster.Later, hosen!


  2. Remember that show ‘Murder She Wrote’?My grandmother always watched it. I thought that it would be more interesting if the writer-what was her name was it Jessica?- if the writer was actually the murderer. She was a twisted old lady serial killer who after she murdered her victims would use her genius to frame other people for the murders and then get rich writing novels about them. Something out of the Alfred Hitchcock hour or something.Now that is a monster but then again they are all monsters.You know this is the only blog I have been to where the writer actually responds to some of the comments posted. That is cool.And you’ve got some interesting ghosts haunting this place just to letcha know.


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