It Is My Pleasure to Announce…

…the impending (well, in August) publication of The Vertigo Encyclopedia, a detailed and visually rich compendium of the various titles issued by that groundbreaking imprint, from the early days of Swamp Thing and Animal Man to the most recent series such as Northlanders, The Un-Men and Madame X. The book is listed now at Amazon etc., but the details are still forthcoming. There’s a terrific Dave McKean cover, and all sorts of goodies for the discriminating reader.

One response to “It Is My Pleasure to Announce…”

  1. Good job. Good job. (pat on back to you and your team)”Swamp thing! dun nuh nuh- dun nuh nuh… You are amaZING!” yes I was a fan man. That song is from the cartoon. I used to watch the tv series as well. I’d wait all week for it. It was on on pizza night at my house. Good times. I bet you can find it online. I had swamp thing action figures. Makes me think about toxie. His films were a bit disturbing. “Let’s see if you got any guts!” But there was also a cartoon and yes I had some of the action figures as well.And hey wait, I’m the normal one at least when I’m on my meds. And here’s a web site where you can score free pharmecuticals it is http://www.youwish.drg.Another interesting figure would be The Crow. That character has so much potential. Too bad there is such a tragedy attached to it.There was a television series called stairway to heaven. Don’t have any action figures of the crow. It is your book though Alex. Let me ask you something. Why should I buy your book. What would I gain from it. In this wiki prison of a world why should I buy your encyclopedia. Be a sales man. Sell me your book. Research me and you might understand what I mean.


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