Who is this Irvine guy, anyway?

The basics: Born in Ann Arbor, raised mostly in Ypsilanti, Michigan, with stops in various other places. Graduate of the universities of Michigan, Maine, and Denver. English PhD, former English professor at the University of Maine and lecturer in game design at the University of Southern Maine. Currently full-time writer. Lives in Maine. Four kids. Two dogs, one bird, one snake. Devotee of soccer, baseball, and hockey. Also books, comics, games, and movies. Wikipedia says this, while the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction says this. Online interviews abound in which other details are disclosed.

Interesting vandalism of the Wikipedia entry is encouraged.

What has he written?

The complete list is here.

Will he sign stuff for me?

Sure, if you send it with enough postage to get back. Or you can order from Print: A Bookstore and I’ll go in and sign your copy.

Will he send me free stuff?

Probably not. Unless there’s a cool cause or charity involved, in which case sure.

Will he come to my event/library/classroom?

He would probably love to, schedule permitting. Drop a line to find out.

I want him to write a book/story/game/movie. Who do I talk to?

Great! Start with an email.


12 responses to “FAQ”

  1. Pretty great alright, LOL isn't too careworn in this case 🙂


  2. Had no idea you lived in Maine. I've lived here all my life


  3. Hi there, Dan! Do you have server and client files of Marvel Avengers Alliance? I need it too personal using only. I love this game so hard i cant forget about it. It's a pity that f*cking disney closed it. I just cant describe my feelings about this game. I only have a bad rip of client game. Please help me!If you dont have it, mb you cant tell me where should i ask it for?


  4. Hi I tried to email you but I got a notification that your email could not be found


    1. Try again? Should be updated now.


  5. Zachery stapleton Avatar
    Zachery stapleton

    Where can I purchase NY Collapse as an Ebook? I purchased Broken Dawn and want to read the first part. Thanks


    1. It’s not out as an ebook. There are physical inserts in the book that you need to solve the puzzles, so no way to recreate it electronically. Get the print version; you’ll dig the experience.


  6. Dear Alex Irvine, I am happy to have read the Pacific Rim Uprising novel, but I just had this different idea with the novel, so is it legal for me to REWRITE your novel? Also with your permission, too.


  7. Greetings Irvine, I am a Transformers lover from China and I really enjoyed your novels. Two of your book were translated and published in our country,but your short story Bumblebee at Tyger Pax is not available yet. So may I translate this story? I will definitely mark your name.


    1. with your permission, of course.


  8. Will you sign bookplates with a SASE?

    If so what address would I send them to?

    Thank you very much


    1. Sure. 93 Sawyer Street, South Portland ME 04106


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