Anthropocene Rag Is Out!

O frabjous day! Anthropocene Rag is loose in the world! Thanks to everyone on the publishing team for making it all happen, and thanks in advance to everyone who will read it. I’m grateful to be able to do this for a living, and that gratitude and excitement is renewed every time a new book finds its way into the world.

Given world events, this is a hell of a time to launch a book, but I’m proud of Anthropocene Rag and I think it will reward your attention. Need some encouragement? Read on…

A “wondrous, playful, but still weighty science fiction odyssey.” –Publishers Weekly

“Somewhere between the hallucinatory worlds of Philip K. Dick and the alien exploration of human culture’s remains in Samuel R. Delany’s The Einstein Intersection.” Booklist (starred review)

“The notion of a self-replicating tech that is both fascinated by stories and utterly unable to discern between fact and fiction is so clever and cleverly realized; the stretches when the book really leans into that disparity are gleefully, gloriously, evocatively weird. Seriously – it’s just so cool.” The Maine Edge



We’re flying a bit under the radar with this book, so every reader can help. If you read the book and like it, please tell your friends! Leave a review at the outlet of your choice!

Buy from your local bookstore! — or Powell’sAmazon, Books-a-Million, or Barnes and Noble. And if you cannot be satisfied by anything less than a copy signed just for you, Print: A Bookstore has got you covered.

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