To Transformers Fans

An announcement, because many of you are asking:

Someone else is going to be picking up the reins on the Transformers novels from here on out. I enjoyed writing Exodus and Exiles, and enjoyed the conversations with fans even more. Time for me to go do some other things, and for another writer to dig into the rich history of Cybertron and its valiant refugees. (And their dastardly enemies, of course!)

If you liked Exodus and/or Exiles, check out my other books. Here’s a good listing to get you started.

Thanks for reading!

2 responses to “To Transformers Fans”

  1. So sad u will NOT b part of the next TF book. However, once a part of the Transformers family ALWAYS a part of the Transformers family. Best wishes on all future endeavours.


  2. Sad to see you wont be continuing with the series. But i can't wait for the next nook. I'm almost done with Exiles so they better write fast. LOL. I hope they write as great as you do.


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