The Personalities of Children, Divined Through Their Letters to the Tooth Fairy

Emma, about a year ago:

Hi tooth fairy
This is my third tooth.
I love losing teeth.
Sinserly toothless Emma

Ian, 10 days ago:

Dear tooth fairy I just pulled my tooth out It hurt a lot but I did it It feels realy weird to not have a tooth there but this only the second tooth I’ve lost here. Sincerely, IAN

In other news:


Ladeeeeez and Gentlemen,

BSCreview’s annual Tournament of Books is underway, with a mighty field of contestants. A key first-round matchup: In this corner, CS Friedman’s Wings of Wrath. And in this corner, Buyout (out, out, out) by Alexander C. Irvine (ine, ine, ine)…


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