Five People Who Made Me Want to Be a Writer

This question is not the same as my five favorite writers or the five writers I admire the most. Also, it’s possible that if asked tomorrow, I might change two or three of the names. But here are today’s five:

Harlan Ellison
Stephen King
Jack Kirby
Don Martin
Sam Shepard

Who are yours?

5 responses to “Five People Who Made Me Want to Be a Writer”

  1. The writers who inspired and continue to inspire me on a regular basis to write also happen to be my favorites, and they areRay BradburyIsaac AsimovWilliam GibsonChina MievilleAlex Irvine


  2. Lawrence BlockStephen KingRaymond CarverGrant MorrisonHunter S ThompsonI'd love to say Alan Moore, but every time I read something of his it actually discourages me.


  3. Robert B. Parker, Peter David, Octavia Butler,Joss Whedon, Chris Claremont and Warren Ellis (I know it's only supposed to be 5 but I had to include mr. Ellis).


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