I Keel Keeng Tut

As USA Today notes this morning, I am doing an adaptation for IDW of The Murder of King Tut, James Patterson’s conspiracy-minded take on the death of the boy pharaoh. So I am neck-deep in ancient Egypt. Cool. Here’s the first cover:

One response to “I Keel Keeng Tut”

  1. Yeah, that's weird. Any future projects maybe a screenplay with the rock in the lead role? I hate to say that I was right especially about a few drinking binge rants. But that's the business. It's disgusting and I hate it but the more I study history the more I realize that its always been that way. “It used to be that writer's lives were more interesting than their writing. These days neither the writer or his writing is interesting.” Or something like that. But yeah I have to go take care of some shit. Clean up my act start drinking a little less but the thing about alcohol is that its legal not only legal but in popular culture its use is encouraged and drunks are idolized. People are idiots with money. Get as much of it from them as you can. That's the plan. I will be back but not for a while. I'm no ass kisser. I think your writing is bullshit. I'm sorry I do. But you seem to be making some smart moves business wise so I'll give you that. If I wasn't such a loose fucking cannon maybe I could walk the line. But I got a temper. But really I think your writing is shit and I feel sorry for the suckers who you scam out of the 20 bucks they worked three ours for at some shit job. But I will be honest with you. Have I ever not been honest? I sincerely mean it when I say: Good for you man. When I don't want to think you know when the voices or demons in my head are harassing me,maybe I'll read one of your books. Maybe. But really, Good for you.


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