Best SF/F v.4 Cover

Man, I can’t wait to read this. I missed a lot of good stories this year:

6 responses to “Best SF/F v.4 Cover”

  1. Ah hah! This is what I mean! Right here. There it is. They are telling us what the best science fiction fantasy of the year is. They are putting themselves up as authorities and dictating to us what is the best writing. These stories are the best because they say they are. The one dead give away that this is clearly NOT the best science fiction or fantasy writing out there is that Alex Irvine is listed among them. I'm sorry but no one I have ever talked to about science fiction has ever thrown your name out there. When I do mention you as a writer they always draw a blank. Just because you get your work published does not mean anything except you get paid. It is not a sign of talent. You are the Brittany Spears and Miley Cyrus equivalent of the literary world. Sure those artist sell albums lots of them but come on they are no Led Zeppelin and you are no Tolkien! You play the same game.And about your Iron Man novel. So you took a screen play that someone else wrote based on a character and story created by yet another person and turned it into a piece of marketable merchandise junk. And it only took you what a month to pinch it off? Oh yeah great job! Hey did you have to include all of the product placements as well? Does stark drink a Bud Light and Drive the latest Cadillac while talking about his latest I phone apps?


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