Anatomical Figuration of Amazon/Macmillan

Bookninja, which is always worth reading, on the Amazon/Macmillan kerfuffle that will determine the course of Western civilization: “Somewhere around the duodenum, Amazon’s foot, which had apparently entered through its own mouth, met Macmillan’s foot which, as we saw yesterday, entered through Amazon’s rectum, and the two are having a kungfu battle amid the half-digested remains of America’s mid-list novelists. Heady stuff.”

As one of those mid-list novelists (I think), I feel threatened by this image but consider it appropriate.

5 responses to “Anatomical Figuration of Amazon/Macmillan”

  1. It is the beginning of the end. Things are going to be very chaotic for sometime. How long I can't say. After the dust settles people will start to sort things out, categorize again, people will become very polarized. I see vast electronic databases of literature and media. I would like to beleive that hese data basis will be free to the public, public property but I'm not so naive. People will be able to publish work and classify it under the label they feel it fits so that they can reach their specific audiences. There will be many categories and sub categories and sub categories of those sub categories and so on. There will be a new consensus. The most popular and representative media of these categories will emerge and become canonized and people will imitate them. But that is as far as I can see. Just the bare bones of it. Things are going to be very different Good, Bad, and Ugly.


  2. Now sure there are some good possibilities for the future of devises like E-Books but property rights as they are now will block any uses that do not produce a profit. All technology can be manipulated and if these devises haven't already which they probably have, they soon will be manipulated and hacked in some way making it possible to share. Kiss those profits goodbye.Why buy the cow when you can steal it?Intellectual property. I believe that if a person works then they deserve to get paid and that person has the right to ask a fee for his work. People also have the right to refuse that fee and look somewhere else for a better bargain. Ah-hem that's why monopolies are against the law. If a person creates something the same rules should apply. That's what I believe. But I am in the minority. I've said this before and I will say it again. If you are a writer or a musician and you want to continue to get paid in this new digital world then you are going to have to start making movies, music, books, etc… that appeal to ME and people like ME. People who believe that it is wrong to steal even if they can get away with it. We are your new target audience because we do not steal, we pay for our media instead. If your media does not meet OUR standards then we will NOT buy it and this is not open to discussion. Am I making myself clear here? Am I getting through to anyone? Do I agree with this type of control over creativity? No. Of curse I don't, but that's the way it is. Don't be mad at me because your audience is stealing from you. And those of you who are stealing from them, don't be angry when your they stop creating media for you. It's what you get for being selfish. I'm sorry.


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