The Evidence Is Six Years Old…

…but it proves fairly conclusively that Terry Goodkind thinks you are an idiot. What amazing condescension toward the people who have made him rich (not to mention the other writers of whose work his novels are so transparently derivative).

(via Ansible)

3 responses to “The Evidence Is Six Years Old…”

  1. Wow. Just. Wow. Goodkind is a blight on the genre.He doesn't want to be considered Fantasy and if I can speak for the genre, we don't want him to be considered Fantasy either.


  2. Funny thing to me is that there's not even a case to be made that he could be doing something else that looks like fantasy (the Atwood-Lessing argument, at least one version of it). It's a transparently ridiculous thing to say, and then he compounds it by insulting his readers and coming across as the kind of egomaniac who is convinced that all of his ordinary thoughts are the kind of thoughts nobody has ever had before.But it seems to have worked for him.


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