Roundup of New and Forthcoming Stuff, Plus Links of Interest

Looks like I’ll have not one, but two Iron Man novels coming out next year. One, Iron Man: Virus, is due out in January; the other will be the novelization of the Iron Man 2 movie. I’m guessing it will show up sometime near the movie’s May 7 release date. This is my first novelization (other than a killed-at-the-last-minute novelization of The Beast that Sean Stewart and I wrote back in 2001); it’s a blast so far. (And no, I can’t tell you anything about the script.)

On the short story front, “Dragon’s Teeth”–a sort-of prequel to “Wizard’s Six”–is due out soon in F&SF, where I’ve also got another story, “Remotest Mansions of the Blood,” waiting in the wings. “The Dream Curator” will lead off Postscripts 20/21, which will also include stories by…well, looking at the PS Publishing website, I see the lineup isn’t announced yet, so I’ll keep my mouth shut. But it’s going to be a treat.

And reviews of Buyout continue to appear. Fantasy Magazine:

What matters in Buyout is the increasingly frantic collision of morals and beliefs into one another, until a crescendo of an ending the simultaneously denigrates and exalts the notion of an absolute credo.

And Green Man Review had this to say:

I was at a loss on how to place this book — everything needs some kind of context — but I eventually remembered one of the classics of science fiction’s Golden Age, The Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth, two of the period’s great satirists. Buyout is the same order of beast, bitter, Swiftian satire, loaded and pointed right at us.

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