Thoughts About Book Reviews Provoked by GalleyCat

In the video that follows, Flashlight Worthy co-founder Eric Mueller talks to GalleyCat’s Jason Boog and has some interesting things to say about the emerging dynamics of book reviews. The old dynamic is certainly moribund, as I have noticed in the weeks since Buyout came out; fewer and fewer of the old standby review outlets are still in the game, and my experience has been that the existing book-publicity infrastructure (which is very good at doing things the way they know how to do them) has not yet adapted to this brave new world. The result? A surprising paucity of reviews. (A couple of notable exceptions being io9 and Bookgasm.) People are reading the book and telling me about it, which is great; I’m still not sure how to get them telling everyone else except to say, “Glad you enjoyed it. Now tell all your friends and everyone you know.” This is not always efficient.

Anyway, the aforementioned interesting video follows:

One response to “Thoughts About Book Reviews Provoked by GalleyCat”

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