So let me get this straight. Environmentalists who set fires (and don’t hurt anybody) as part of monkeywrenching campaigns get longer prison sentences than your average murderer,* and are called terrorists. But when an anti-abortion wingnut kills a doctor in his church in an avowed effort to scare other people who provide abortions, he’s…

Right. He’s a terrorist. As are all of the other “pro-life” wingnuts who have bombed clinics and shot doctors before. So why isn’t he being referred to as such? Why isn’t all of Operation Rescue on a terrorist watch list, the way nuns who protest nuclear arms are? (The answers to that question, I hope, are obvious. I just couldn’t help pointing it out because the whole thing is so disgustingly indicative of the chokehold which evangelical kooks** and their pet issues still have on the mainstream media in this country.)

*Per the Hoover Institute (not a liberal outfit), the average sentence for murder in 2004 was slightly less than 20 years. Marie Mason got 22 for a crime in which nobody was hurt.

**And no, I don’t think all evangelicals are kooks. But these particular kooks are evangelicals and there’s no use dancing around that fact.

In happier news, go Wings!

2 responses to “T*rr*rism”

  1. Flim Flam. Ever dance around facts with your ambiguously flamboyant dare devil in the pale moon light? Na mean?Now I won't argue with mother fuckers. But I will say this funny fish! These eco-warriors are goin after men in suits. Men who don't like to be fucked with. The bigger the mother fucker is the harder he hits back baby and that's all that's about. Have you earned your red wings yet?


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