What My Students Get Up to, Part the Next

In Spring 2008 my Advanced Fiction class did readings of some flash stories and put them online. Why it’s taken me a year to link to this, I don’t know, but here are those stories. I’m going to do this again this year, I think.

The roster:

Andrew Maxcy – Neck Romantic
Jesse Priest – Asymmetry
Isaac Forbes – Untitled
Kara Cox – To Leap
Mariah Cunningham – Go
Sarah Doucette – Untitled
Ryan Woodward – Untitled
Amanda Johnston – The Reluctance to Sleep
Rachel Holden – Saturday Night
Alyssa Franzosa – Saving the World From Johnnies
Patrick Stanton – Untitled
Paul Goodman – Untitled
Elizabeth Burleson – Walk the Line
Tim Lounder – We Are The Last To Die For Our Mistakes
Ben Goodridge – The Man
Brian Chick – Brain Dead
Eric Carlsen – Untitled
Rick Gower – Untitled

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