Jack Spicer Event in NYC on Friday

I’ve been a Spicer fan since Ken Norris introduced me to his stuff in a grad class. I re-read the Black Sparrow edition of his poems every so often, and I stole him from history to use as an important character in my novel One King, One Soldier. Now Spicer’s biographer Kevin Killian has done a much-expanded edition of his work called My Vocabulary Did This to Me, and on Friday various literary luminaries (including Samuel Delany, my UMO colleague Jennifer Moxley, and Killian himself) will celebrate its release at St. Mark’s Church, 131 E. 10th Street. Wish I could go.

(You are, of course, only permitted to attend this event if you can’t get to Baltimore for the Barrelhouse/Smartish Pace launch extravaganza, which is where I will be, which is why I can’t go to this cool Spicer event.)

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