Whole Lotta Madame Bovary

Wow. 4500 pages? Transcribed by a team including teenagers and an oil prospector? And no smut?

Anyone searching the new site for “naughty bits” scissored by the publishers will probably be disappointed. Although Flaubert was furious that his text was altered to try to avoid a trial, the censored passages are hardly more explicit than many of those that remained. For instance, the celebrated sequence in which Emma Bovary and one of her lovers make love in a carriage with the blinds drawn as they trot through the streets of Rouen is barely changed in the various manuscript versions.

Seriously, 4500 pages? I can’t decide whether this makes me despondent or grateful for my lack of French.

One response to “Whole Lotta Madame Bovary”

  1. This looks interesting! If I get a chance to check it out I’ll let you know if you’re missing something or lucky to not speak French.


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