Help Design My Graphic Novel Course

Next fall, I’ll be teaching a topics course called The Graphic Novel at the University of Maine (it’s ENG 429, if you’re going to be in Orono come September). I have my own ideas about what I’d like to include on the syllabus, but I’m going to throw this question out to the world as well: If you were teaching this course, what would be the 12 or 15 books you would absolutely have to teach?

6 responses to “Help Design My Graphic Novel Course”

  1. Watchmen, The Killing Joke, Maus, Crisis on Infinite Earths, From Hell, Sin City, Powers, Global Frequency, The Dark Knight Returns, Marvels, Pedro and Me, Kindome Come, and many, many more. 😉


  2. The Dark Knight Returns, Love and Rockets, The Rabbi's Cat, Bayou, King, Stuck Rubber Baby, Fun Home, The Plain Janes, Persepolis, Finder, Maus 1 & 2, Understanding Comics.


  3. If you do Freakangels, it would save students money, could be discussed as a WIP…but I’m an Ellis fan.I really want to sit in on this class, but am fighting against the shame of my ALREADY HEAVY DEBT TO YOU (which I am poking at, believe it or not).tammy


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