Video: SF/Fantasy Writers Roundtable at NYCC ’09

Suvudu‘s Shawn Speakman had the unenviable task of herding 10 (!) writers through a panel at NYCC ’09, called “Author Round Table: Sci-fi/Supernatural/Fantasy Authors Gather To Talk Influences.” They were: John Birmingham, Peter V. Brett, S.C. Butler, Kim Harrison, Jackie Kessler, Vicki Pettersson, Tamora Pierce, Jeff Somers, Carrie Vaughn, and me. We talked about literary influence some, but also about the influences (both welcome and otherwise) of everyday circumstances on a writer’s work. Some funny conversations ensued. I didn’t mean to swear.

The first part:

For the next six, check out Suvudu’s entry on the panel.

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