Barrelhouse 7–with My Ninjas!

Barrelhouse 7, the most recent iteration of the excellent mag, has at last arrived. Among your other pleasures will be my story “The Truth About Ninjas.” Here’s the whole lineup:

The Truth about Ninjas, by Alex Irvine
Doodle Face, Rachel B. Glaser
Bandit, by Ben Stein
The Athiest Reconsiders, by Michael Czyzniejewski
BeautyForever, by Matt Bell
Yellow Pink Slips, by Mark Wisniewski
Hansel and Gretel in Tokyo, by Elissa Matsueda

Just Like You, by Greg Hlavaty
Advertising Terror: The Mortal Danger of Doing the Right Thing, by Ken Hines

Poem Addressing Conspiracy Theorists, by Peter Davis
Three Poems, Alan Michael Parker
From “Stove Seasoning,” by Caroline Knox
Alternative History Club, by Mark McKee
Equiumlibri, by Wade Fletcher
Hollywood, by Farid Matuk

Sacrament, Matt WilliamsoN
The Ruined Child, by Blake Butler
Antiquity, by Sandra Beasley
Wish Tank, by Laura Ellen Scott
My Gun is Smart, by Flavian Mark Lupinetti
Cities of the Future, Kaethe Schwehn
Someday Soon, We Are Taking Over, by Kate Angus

Bigfoot’s Widow, written by Joni Tevis, adapted and illustrated by Kristen Leonard

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