What a weekend. To recap: After getting in Friday afternoon and seeing what was where, we hit the DC Comics party–why was the music so loud?–before heading off to Molly’s for an evening of sketching on napkins. Saturday I:

signed a bunch of Vertigo Encyclopedias and a bunch of copies of John Winchester’s Journal
did interviews with mediabistro (thanks, Jason!) and Fictional Frontiers (thanks, Sohaib!)
gave a panel for maybe 300 people on the topic of influence along with John Birmingham, Pete Brett, Kim Harrison, Vicki Pettersen, Tamora Pierce, Jeff Somers–ably moderated by Shawn Speakman
did an interview with Comixology (thanks, Peter!)
headed off to the Random House party, where the liquor flowed and the pool balls fell (except when they didn’t)

Today I did interviews with BookSwim (thanks, Eric and Chip…or should I say Chip and Eric?), (thanks, Gerry!), and suvudu (thanks, Camille!). Then I cruised the floor a little and headed out with a bag full of goodies.

That’s it in a nutshell. There’s some buzz building around Buyout. Everybody I talked to was into the concept, which isn’t usually my strength. And the interviews ranged over topics from the history of comics to philosophies of justice to the teaching of graphic novels to…you get what I mean. I’ll post specific links as they all start to appear in the coming weeks. Good conversations all!

Think I’m going to read a book now.

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