News from F&SF

According to the magazine’s blog, they’re going bimonthly. As a longtime fan of and contributor to F&SF, this makes me a little sad even though the page count isn’t going to differ significantly after this year. Whatever Gordon needs to do–and he seems bullish on the move in the blog post–the field needs him and it needs F&SF. Maybe that makes me old-fashioned. A post on io9 today speculates about whether the profusion of anthologies has shifted SF’s center of short-fictional gravity in that direction, and away from the magazines. I hope not. I like getting magazines, and I’d like to continue to be able to get them (in the mailbox or at the store).

Also, I wonder if the relative number of anthologies has affected magazine circulations before, or affected the quality of stories the magazines were able to acquire. When was the last big anthology boom? Seems like it might have been the 70s, but I’m no historian of SF.

In any case, subscribe!

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