Breaking: SF Not Dying, Again

Or so the New Scientist would have us believe. Interesting comments at the end from “leading science fiction authors,” among whom is listed Margaret Atwood. Maybe now the fen who still have a grudge about her saying thirty years ago that she wasn’t a science fiction writer will let it go. Stan Robinson’s comments are particularly worth noticing, especially in light of Charlie Stross’s recent polemic about near-future SF.

One response to “Breaking: SF Not Dying, Again”

  1. Forgive me. I am an asshole. Sorry. I do like reading your writing.I’ve read quite a bit of your stuff. Imaginative and often surprising; but what the hell do I know? I’ve read quite a bit of your stuff. Won’t touch that commercial shit you do. But everyone has to pay the bills. I know. Don’t know if Margaret Atwood would like the label science fiction, it’s kind of putting her off to the side. She thinks she’s a prophet. No science fiction isn’t dead. It never will be. I got X-Files on DVD seasons one through six, working on the other three. Grew up listening to Art Bell and coast to coast. I have discussions with my grandmother about the shadow people, but she won’t talk about the reptilians, scare the heck out of her. But I’m off to some other galaxy where things are the way they used to be around here. Don’t know if that place exists but I do have some ELO if all else fails. Still think your best is yet to come. When you get some time, get to work on that.Silver Seagull.


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