To the Stars!

A fascinating bit in Wired about what’s either a massive boondoggle and con-job or (much less probably) a tremendous technological leap forward. Mars in 41 days? Can tourist jaunts to Olympus Mons be far behind?

(Also recently in Wired, this terrific piece about one of my favorite 80’s artifacts, Weird Al Yankovic.)

2 responses to “To the Stars!”

  1. Yes, Weird Al Yankovic is a true dork, or geek or nerd or whatever they call them these days. But you Mr. Irvine are not. No you are not a nerd, a geek, or a dork as much as you try ad convince people that you are. But neither am I. And being a fan of starwars does not automatically qualify you. There is more too it than that. I know true nerds, I have friends that are true nerds and I have family that are true nerds. You are not nor will you ever be a true nerd, just a pretender. True nerds are born nerds. Yes they are born that way and they stay that way their whole lives. Everyone knows a nerd when they see one? They all have different variations of the same traits. I won’t list them here because I don’t want to be accused by your spin doctors of being a eugenist but just look at weird Al. Look into his eyes, you will see the soul of a nerd.


  2. Forgive me but I have just been informed by my cousin who is a dork, that the terms nerd, geek and dork, though to the common layperson may seem to mean the same thing, are very diverse from one another. The complexities of this concept of difference is too complicated for me to go into right now, or to even comprehend, they speak their own language really. For instance I was told that Alex Irvine would qualify as a nerd, but not a Geek. And as for people being born a certain way, I was told that that rare condition is called dorkism. Yes to be a dork you have had to have been born a dork. So a person can become a nerd, and even accurately labeled a geek but someone has to be born a dork to be a dork. A dork are usually both a nerds and geeks as well. Now a nerd can be a geek and vice versa, but not all nerds and geeks can be dorks. Weird Al, I was told by my cousin is a dork. Bill gates on the other hand is a nerd, geek combo, but not a dork. And speaking of persecution, if you have ever been to high school you must have witnessed the large scale persecution of nerds, geeks and especially dorks that happened and perhaps still does on a daily basis. It’s sad and I hope the ignorance ends someday. Who knows if it ever will.


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