Maurice Sendak, Misanthrope

Or so it appears from this NYT profile. But he comes across as endearingly irascible, and he likes dogs, who as we all know are better than people. Anyway, misanthropy is forgivable when it’s coming from the guy who gave us In the Night Kitchen.

2 responses to “Maurice Sendak, Misanthrope”

  1. I think that history shows us that your statement about dogs is very true. Think about it, how many dogs have started wars? None? Sendak seems to have a lot of hate for a lot of things. I have a friend. Yes A friend just one. She is older than me by more than a few decades. She told me about a dream she had. She said that she was home painting a beautiful mural on one of her walls. She could not describe the beauty but the colors were very bright and vivid. In the dream she was worried. She could not remember if she was worried about running out of paint or running out of time to finish the painting. I thought her dream and that she shared very interesting. Judaism has a hero in Joseph who could interpret dreams. I tried to but when I started to figure it out I did not want to say what I thought she already knew about it. I thought of Tolkien’s story about the leaf and the picture that surrounded it. Hmm… I also think of Lewis’s idea of the mere christian and maybe if you think about it being a “mere illustrator” is not so bad a thing. From were I am sitting I think its a pretty great thing to be. What are the standards what is the rule that these people are measuring others lives by?


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