PW Piece on the Vertigopedia

From a few weeks ago, this short article previews the book…somehow without mentioning the name of the guy who wrote it.

Sometimes I think PW has it in for me. All writers have that feeling, I guess, but they spelled my name wrong in their review of A Scattering of Jades (apparently some guy named Irving wrote it) and now this.

Any of you seen it yet? What did you think?

2 responses to “PW Piece on the Vertigopedia”

  1. okay, I looked at it. First off they make fun of thesize “oversized” is it too big? Then they go on to generically describe just about every other book of its genre trying perhaps to make a point that there is nothing special about it. What else.It is different because of its “offbeat nature” only makes the book a “little different”.We get a quote from your boss I presume she is your boss or one of them contradicting what the article writer said in the first paragraph for what ever reason. Don’t want to jump to conclusions about it. I have not seen it or read it but if you bring it to SEC I might.Then he is much kinder with marvel, its got more pages and prints so its worth the extra twenty dollars. And instead of calling it “oversized” he tells us the merits or defends why it is a big book calling Marvel wise and that there is no shortage of interest. Honestly and the gloves come off, I know I can be harsh but marvel can be boring. The MArvel “history” book was safer, so your vertigo was definatly risky and I respect that. I think that people should get more interested in the stories and characters in your book for a change and give the high profile heroes a break. I am interested in the projects explored at the end of the book. What ever was meant by that. Oh yeah I can’t believe you said YOWZA.


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