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So a trove (maybe) of Kafka’s papers are currently being held by the 74-year-old cat-lady daughter of Max Brod in Tel Aviv. She holds onto them while everyone argues about how Jewish Kafka was and how this affects where his papers should go. I mean, of course. Nothing related to Kafka’s legacy can be normal, right? Hava Hoffe, give up the papers!

One response to “More Kafka”

  1. So you are a fan of Kafka? I wonder now if Kafka was the hero in hos stories or if he was the villain. What many people don’t get is that most authors are relate more to their villains than they do to their heroes. For instance, you and the Joker in your Batman book. Eh?It is an interesting thing. I am reading Bram Stokers Dracula right now and keeping that in mind. Now tell us. Id this next novel of yours something you put some real effort in. Is it going to be good? What was it called?-Sellout, no Buy out that’s it. Hey,I never took you for the sensitive type. Quite the opposite. That’s why I know you can take it. To be a writer you have to take it. And I’m sorry t have to say this, I noticed you did not even address it so maybe I can deduce from your argument from silence that you agree but are too kind to say so considering, but Batman The Dark Knight really sucked. And it did so well to. What sense do you make out of that?


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