Winchester Journal Cover

I just got a cover treatment in the mail, and it looks mighty cool. Soon as it’s final, I’ll post it here. The book is going through a last round of revisions after comments from Eric and some of the show’s writers, and then it’s off to the printer. It’s been a lot of fun to work on…and the illustrations are going to be great, too.

5 responses to “Winchester Journal Cover”

  1. Yep. One of the fun things about writing this book has been integrating comic and show continuity as the backstory in the comic evolves……also, there are some huge surprises coming early in the next season of the show. And I mean huge.


  2. Hey Alex,Glad to hear about the journal. Can’t wait to see the cover of it!And now you tempt me into getting cable again to watch the new show…See you next semester,Tim


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