Sample Comic-Con Travel Itinerary

All Times Local

7/23, 2pm: Say bye to wife and kids at Portland, Maine, airport.
7/23, 3:30pm: Learn that flight from Portland will miss connection in Philadelphia. Ask about options. Discover that the only way to get to San Diego is to drive to Boston and take flight connecting through Las Vegas. Receive assurances from US Airways personnel that Logan Airport is free of delays.
7/23, 4:30pm: Leave Portland.
7/23, 6:30pm: Arrive Logan Airport. Discover that flight from Boston to Las Vegas, scheduled for 7:45 departure, is now departing 9:15.
7/23, 9:15pm: Take off from Logan. Nap in between bouts of annoyance at possibility that connection in Las Vegas will be missed. Receive assurances from US Airways personnel that connection in Las Vegas will no way, no how be missed.
7/23, 11:40pm: On final approach to Las Vegas, experience a Murphy’s Law moment as a passenger flips out on the plane. Note with interest that flight attendants really do ask at moments such as these whether there are doctors on the plane.
7/23, 11:59pm: Sit on plane as EMTs treat passenger for unspecified illness. Miss connecting flight to Las Vegas as a result of treatment.
7/24, 1:30am: Speak to US Airways personnel. Learn that there are no more flights to San Diego, and that all flights to San Diego the next day are full. Briefly indulge antisocial fantasies.
7/24, 2:00am: Rent car, hit I-15. Drive across the desert in the middle of the night.
7/24, 4:00am: Pass through Barstow. Develop strong opinion that everyone should drive through Barstow at 4am at least once.
7/24, 5:30am: See light in the sky over the San Bernardino Mountains as traffic begins to thicken through Orange County. Note that 85mph doesn’t seem as fast when everyone else is doing it, too.
7/24, 6:30am: Drop car at San Diego airport. Take cab to hotel. Inform mom and wife of night’s activities. Experience puzzlement when they do not understand or endorse choices made ca. 2:00am. Look around. It’s morning in San Diego.

One response to “Sample Comic-Con Travel Itinerary”

  1. Wow! That’s sounds like a lot of fun. Hey and thanks to the first amendment we can read all of those crazy comic books while drinking soda and eating nachos. Awesome. Oh and speaking of the first amendment it saved Ben Stein’s ass from being sued.


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