My next novel, Buyout, the last sentences of which I am drafting more or less now, is already listed on Amazon even though it doesn’t come out until March. Preorder it now, and then when you’ve forgotten all about it, the book will show up and pleasantly surprise you.

The book is a near-future noir with murders, skullduggery, and some thoughts about what an information society and an overtaxed ecosystem mean for the value (monetary and otherwise) of human life. I’m still formulating the perfect one-sentence encapsulation.

Edit: here’s the cover!

3 responses to “Buyout”

  1. Hey what’s up? Listen, um. Hmm. Can you give us a taste of Buyout?Also I just wanted to make some initial observations.Your cover Mr. Irvine. Now. Who designed the cover and how did you come up with the title?Okay. Color is very importante in advertising. Red and Yellow are the hottest colors. You use both. They grab the buyers attention cause excitement and raise blood pressure. Along with the the illustration is busy, it’s blurry, theres a lot going on. Adds to the excitement.On top of all that in big black bold letters are is the word BUYOUT.Not just BUY. But BUYOUT. As in BUYOUT this book. When you see them on the shelf grab em’ all and just buy them out.I have to say that it’s kind of cool. But yeah, give us a taste.


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