Puzzled and in Need of Clarity

If anyone can tell me what the connection is between the previous post and the weird string of Youtube videos that appeared in the comments, I’ll send an inscribed copy of Unintended Consequences, as well as my eternal thanks. Cleverly invented scenarios are every bit as welcome as factual connections.

Can things get any weirder for the Tigers? At least they won last night, but Dontrelle Willis fell off the mound and hurt himself without recording an out, so the bullpen–which has, not to put too fine a point on it, stunk so far–came out and got 27 outs. They’re 2-8, which is lousy but which also, somebody pointed out, was the same record the Phillies had last year before winning their division. To which I might be inclined to respond that the Tigers can’t count on their rivals collapsing as spectacularly as the Mets did last year. In other Tigers-related news, Denny McLain has been arrested again.

We recorded our first visitor from Afghanistan yesterday.

8 responses to “Puzzled and in Need of Clarity”

  1. Yeah that would be great. Inscribed copy of Unintended consequences? Interesting. In avoidance of unintended consequences I am afraid I will have to keep my identity secret. Of course I do have to let you know that anything I have posted has been opinion and a sort of new fiction I am working with. Blog fiction. But I will stop. Anyway. Ideas are dangerous. They can get you hurt if someone disagrees enough or thinks your ideas are a danger or an interference. That is the connection. The attacker was said to be disturbed. But it is still vague what their motivations were. But it could be said that the communism of Armenia was a sort of collective disturbance or sorts.I really do like your writing and would love that inscribed book. But I have no name.Good luck in the future.


  2. I visited the above website last night and went through it. I found it a bit disturbing. I think I may know who posted it. I have debated this person on Calvinism many times. They are for it and I am against it. The language used in the articles of that site is deceptive. So are this person’s arguments for Calvinism. I just don’t want this person to backpack on me in here. As a Christian who sympathizes and learns from history and from men such as Wurmbrand, the last thing I want is a theocracy. No matter what some one is going to be in charge, whether it is a single person or a group of people. As a Christian I believe that only God can know our hearts. Just because someone campaigns as a Christian does not mean they are. Learn from recent history. As a CHristian I am for civil rights, I am for charity and equality and respect and love of everyone.I am for democracy. I understand though that our beliefs influence how we vote. But we should have the freedom to vote how we want. There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing in Christianity. There are many deceivers. Just as the churches of Wurmbrand’s country were deceived by the communists, so can in our country churches be fooled by fascists which is what I would describe the agenda of that site.I believe in a Monarchy. With Jesus as King. Remember Jesus Said to Pilate: My Kingdom is not of this world. I am wary of religious organizations who have political ambitions especially when they are promoting a theocracy. It is my agenda that people have the freedom to worship in any way they choose so long as they do not hurt other people in doing so. In a Christian Theocracy this freedom would disappear. As a Christian I know that a person can not be forced to believe in Christ. It is a choice they must make on their own. My Calvinist friend would disagree with me. But he is free to do so so long as he does not try and take that freedom we both share away. But I think that is what he wants to do. Remember Wurmbrand. Read his story.


  3. What happened to Richard Wurmbrand is a tragedy. Unfortunately these things happen in the world.I too looked at that Forerunner sight. I suggest everyone who has been posting here look at it.As far as a totalitarian or fascist government coming into power anywhere it would need the cooperation of churches. Hitler had the same strategies. I am not a Christian. I do not wish to say what I am because my faith is my personal business. What I saw on that sight was ugliness. It scares me to know that people think like that. I understand why writers often write about dystopian theocracies.I am wary of any one who says they have God’s phone number and then try and control the way I am going to live.If people who share the ideas illustrated on that sight ever came to power I would rebel. I would raise up an army to take them out of power. I agree that people do have a right to worship the way they choose. But that kind of activity is frightening. Yes the have the right to believe what they believe or think the way they do but they do not have the right to make me think ad believe that way. I will never give them that right. I would rather die.


  4. As long as we are sharing web addresses:http://rzim.org/This is a good web address even if you are not religious. You will learn much from it. When I go to class and a professor starts a tirade against religion then I just turn on my mp3 player to one of Ravi’s sermons. I know that I am getting more knowledge than the professor teaching my class has to offer.There are a lot of nuts out there in general. Some nuts are Christians. I may be one of them.Some nuts are science fiction writers like L. Ron Hubbard. Mental illness does not discriminate. But it is tragic when a crazy mother f—– somehow gets into a position of power and influence and starts to destroy peoples lives. In history it seems that every group of people has been in some way at some time discriminated against or persecuted and mistreated. I don’t see their religious or political views as the binding factor in these instances. I just see hatred, ignorance and intolerance. They are present in every instance of persecution.


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