Another Excuse for Readerly Outrage

Only not at me this time. What, in your view, is the criminal omission from this list?

3 responses to “Another Excuse for Readerly Outrage”

  1. It’s interesting.CS Lewis made the list but the Bible did not.Philip Pullman made the list but Darwin’s Origin of species is nowhere to be found.Actually it is a rather malnourished library. I hate “100” lists.And what about the biography of Benjamin Franklin!Oh yeah, and you did not make the list. That IS an outrageous. But it is a stupid list. I will make one and put you on it. ‘One King One Soldier’ Right under Walter Tevis’s ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’. I love that frikin book. In the film you can see David Bowie’s unmentionables dangling around.


  2. How about Herbert’s Dune?Or instead of an exclusion, how about an inclusion, as in the relegation of Tolkien to the juvenile category?Bemused, not outraged, lest oddvanish make a grab for me.


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