Stan Robinson Is Wicked Smart

And a writer I admire, which makes interviews with him — like this one at BLDGBLOG — a real pleasure to read.

2 responses to “Stan Robinson Is Wicked Smart”

  1. Heath Ledger has passed.It just heard the news and am saddened at his passing.A brilliant actor with a promising future.I recall talking with you about him.We were discussing the New Batman movie.You thought Heath an odd pick for the Joker compared to Jack.I had the opinion that he would do well.I suggested that you watched his performance in “10 Things I Hate About You”.Don’t know if you ever did see it. You should.I know the damage drugs can do.They tore my family apart, turned my life upside down.I never did drugs. But I’m still in recovery from what they did to me through the people I love.I was pretty down and out until I began talking to Jesus Christ.When I look at what he’s brought me through I can’t deny him.If only Heath had had what I had.Fame and Fortune, success, it’s all castles in the sand.I look back and its a miracle I did not sink. There were times I felt like just letting go. As Carla would have said “I just gave up”. The thought did cross my mind.I must have been walking on water.No I was being carried the whole way I think.I won’t take credit for that.But here is some perspective for you. Peace Alex. You’re wicked smart too.


  2. Speaking of research…I’ve just had the most remarkable experience young man and I could not possibly expect you to comprehend it, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway…someday.


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