Voices from the Street

Here’s a Los Angeles Times review of Philip K. Dick’s Voices from the Street, which I encountered briefly while doing dissertation research on PKD at Cal State-Fullerton. Sadly, I had to focus on other things (there’s a couple of chapters of a never-pursued sequel to The Man in the High Castle there, by the way), so I never read the entire manuscript, and I’m dying to do it now that the book finally exists. If it weren’t for this damn teaching and writing, I’d sit down and read it right now.

Dick’s literary novels are really a treat. Those of you who only know him for his science fiction should take the time to explore the rest of his work. Mary and the Giant is terrific, as well as The Broken Bubble of Thisbe Holt (published, I think, as The Broken Bubble; the titular event includes, among other things, a really chilling depiction of what 50s accountant types might get up to at professional conventions) and Puttering About in a Small Land.

Now if only someone could discover/reconstruct The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike, the PKD corpus would be complete…or have I just missed it?

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