Ultimates etc.

I’ve just finished tinkering with the revisions on a novel about the Marvel group The Ultimates. It’s called AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, and it should appear at the end of August. Chitauri! government conspiracies! Cap and Janet! Plus Thor and Loki…

One thing I wanted to do was write a book about the dragon Nidhogg showing up on Earth pissed as hell about how Thor set off the last Chitauri bomb in his back yard, but I guess that’s a little too decisive about the “is Thor really a god?” question. All of us will have to wait until the series concludes to have that question answered definitively. I can’t wait! Seriously, if Thor isn’t a god I’m going to auto-immolate. AGAINST ALL ENEMIES was another angle on the Ultimates story that I had been wanting to explore, and that’s what will show up in bookstores. Here’s a sneak peek at John Van Fleet’s cover art (don’t tell anyone I put this up):

As far as the “etc.” goes, I guess I was just kidding. Oh, wait. I’m writing a book tentatively called THE SUPERNATURAL GUIDE TO THE SUPERNATURAL, which is a collection of folklore taking the form of the journals of John Winchester, who will be a familiar figure to viewers of the CW (formerly WB) show SUPERNATURAL.

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