The Division: Broken Dawn

With The Division 2 coming up in March, Ubisoft is launching several related books, including a comic series, a lore book, and a prequel novel: Broken Dawn, written by yours truly. I’d always wanted to continue April Kelleher’s story after New York Collapse, and that’s part of what Broken Dawn is about. But there’s more! The book also sets up the narrative of The Division 2, while showing what the rest of the virus-ravaged United States looks like beyond New York and DC.

Broken Dawn is out March 26 in the US! Here’s the cover and jacket copy:


Months after the outbreak of a devastating global pandemic that started in New York City on Black Friday, traces of rebirth are spreading across the United States. Spring has come to the nation, and with it a glimmer of hope as civilians band together in settlements, trying to carve out a better life.

Amidst a ruined government, a shattered infrastructure, and an eroding civilization, The Division – an autonomous unit of sleeper agents activated when all else fails – is all that protects the people from predators who would harm them, scavengers who would take from them, and oppressors who would exploit them.

Aurelio Diaz is one of those agents. A man of great honor, he is on the hunt for one of his colleagues who inexplicably abandoned his duty and caused the death of multiple civilians. This trail leads him to April Kelleher, a resourceful civilian who traveled out of New York into a troubled American Midwest. There, she hopes to understand why her husband was murdered and if an antiviral to the deadly disease exists.

Together, Agent Diaz and April soon uncover an imminent threat to the future of the country. They must act to preserve civilization’s last hope to stop a new virus and save itself from a final collapse.

Baseball for the Holidays

Stumped about what to get the baseball fan in your life for the holidays? Worry no more! The Comic Book Story of Baseball is the perfect companion for hot-stove season. If you order from Print: A Bookstore, I’ll head over there toot sweet and sign your copy so you have it in time for holiday giving.




Only 78 days until pitchers and catchers!

20 Years

This month marks twenty years since I sold my first professional short story — “Rossetti Song,” to Gordon Van Gelder at F&SF. So everything that has happened since then is his fault.

I am profoundly grateful to everyone who has ever read anything I wrote…which, if you look back over those twenty years, includes:

  • 47 books
  • 8 games
  • 7 comic series
  • 2 graphic novels
  • 57 short stories
  • 2 short films
  • 1 TV episode

Readers and players, you’ve let me do a dream job for a long time now. Thanks.

Here’s to another 20 years! Or 40!

Writing, Rejection, Revision: A Parable, Sort Of

I wrote a story and submitted it to a magazine.

It was rejected.

I took a look at it and changed a single line of dialogue in the ending.

I submitted it to a different magazine and it was accepted.

Things I will never know: Whether the first magazine would have accepted the story if I had changed that line before sending it to them. Whether the second magazine would have accepted the story if I had not changed the line.

Thing I do know: The story will be out in the spring.